Rack-Tek Services lead the industry with our system of certified rack repairs.

  • Encapsulate the damaged rack component with a heavy duty shell that reinforces the part and restores capacity and durability
  • Rack repairs completed by trained rack technicians working in a ISO 9001:2008 environment
  • All rack repairs are individually certified by a third party Engineering firm and exceed safety regulatory requirements
  • Reports documenting the location and serial number of the repair
  • Detailed repair reports for future requirements.

We manage the completion of all repairs from start to finish, including unloading and reloading of racks if needed. Our engineers, technicians and operators are required by law to ensure that all repairs are made in accordance with federal and provincial regulations, and also that changes to rack configurations meet correct load specifications.


After completion of repairs, our clients receive a detailed report from our engineers for their records, including before, interim and after photos. All certified repairs are marked with a serialized ID sticker that is referenced in the final report.


One of the main duties of an engineer is for public safety, and we take this seriously. All rack repairs are individually certified by professional engineers.


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