Running a warehouse is a large operation. Damage to pallet racking is an ongoing hazard in most warehouse facilities. You don’t need to take extra risks. Compliance and liability concerns, if not addressed properly, can end up costing business owners much more in the long run. Federal Bill C45 now holds business owners and warehouse managers personally responsible.

That’s where Rack-Tek’s expertise comes in. We manage all racking maintenance operations to ensure that your warehousing facility is safe and efficient. This includes:

Annual Compliance Cycle
  • Engineers conduct a field review and make notes on the layout and configuration of your racking
  • If you already have a Pre-Start Health and safety review (PSR), we will update the PSR on record
  • Rack-Tek inspectors can provide necessary training to your staff to complete monthly rack inspections
  • Update racking capacity reports and signage following any changes to racks
  • Repair or replace damaged racking to restore original capacity
  • Issue individually engineer-certified repair reports to ensure regulatory compliance.

To assist our customers in achieving a safe work environment, we recommend the implementation of our Annual Compliance Cycle program.


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