Inspection of pallet racking is a risk management requirement, and must be performed on a regular basis.

Legal requirements under occupational health and safety legislation, along with related standards, are constantly changing. As well, facility managers must keep in mind that a rack repair is considered a modification, and as such will trigger the need for formal approval.

With Rack-Tek, all our inspections are geared for safety:

  • All deficiencies are logged and bar coded
  • Field data is accurately recorded using specialized software
  • Descriptions, with photographs of damage, provide a dynamic record of rack inspections
  • Necessary rack repairs are listed
  • Severity of damage is established based on CSA A344 classification
  • Web-based report is generated and made accessible by password
  • Printed inspection reports are available for internal records
  • A repair quotation is provided if requested.

Maintenance contracts begin with a comprehensive safety inspection, including ongoing checks and repairs on an as-needed basis, and also feature a safety plan to guide warehouse managers for the future. Please ask about our Annual Compliance Cycle program.

Example: Inspection Report Example Inspection Report 2


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